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About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of chartered professionals from diverse backgrounds, enabling us to match insight and skill to the strategic, managerial, or operational goals of our clients. PCRL has delivered innovation, value creation and business  transformation with some of the World’s largest organizations, as well as working with owner-manager SMEs, emerging technology spin-outs, and venture capital backed start-ups. PCRL is therefore in a strong position to respond to client needs, assembling the right people at the right time, across disciplines and across borders. We turn problems into pathways to profitable growth.

PCRL works closely with Patent and Trademark attorneys too, so you can be certain that we’ll look after your IP and other matters legal. With significant FTSE100, Fortune500, and SME experience, and an evidenced track record of successfully handling Patent Portfolios in excess of 125 filings / £500,000 per annum, our IP associate team is equipped to help you manage your most valuable assets.

One of our core strengths is developing early stage disruptive technology. We work with pre-start-ups, start-ups and spin-out ventures to transform ideas into reality through structured innovation, market research, business model planning, technical product, process or system development, and investment.

Our goal is to help you succeed in your markets, wherever they are, and deliver profitable sustainable Return On Investment to shareholders.

What makes us that much better ?

We’ve actually done everything we state. We’ve been on both sides of the table, as inventors, successful entrepreneurs, and business owners; as well as being the change agents driving transformation in our SME and Blue Chip prior employers. So, not only can we empathise and understand what you’re going through, we know how to provide the services that you need. In short, we cut to the chase, roll up our sleeves, and get on with it.

As a result, PCRL offers trustworthy services within an appropriate budget. We also offer in some instances a Pain Share / Gain Share approach to fees, to enable pre-start-ups or smaller businesses to access PCRL services on a limited budget, in return for future benefits, return on savings identified, equity, or other arrangements.

About our Founder

PCRL was founded by Tony, a tech-savvy CxO Chartered Mechanical Engineer with experience leading turnaround projects in start-ups as well as established international manufacturing operations. He formed PCRL originally to offer every day businesses leading edge skills that were not easily accessible to start-ups on a budget when he wanted help to commercialise his first venture.

Blue chip trained, Tony has a well-developed business / strategic planning capability. Tony has directed £multi-million multi-site international projects, and led emerging technology NewCo Spin-Outs, VC fund raises, and very large (£10m +) public grant funding activities.

Tony has also set up and led two technology transfer consulting bureaus, engaging hundreds of SMEs and Blue Chips in Innovation, NPD, R&D, and Manufacturing projects, as well as building award winning virtual worlds and digital online media as CEO of a 3D Realtime Simulation company. He also co-founded 3D scanner business CADScan, securing venture capital, crowd funding, and winning multiple innovation awards. Tony currently advises other tech businesses developing significant disruptive technology (in FINTECH, ENERGY, BIG DATA).

Tony is also a published author, the creator of the AWAKEN business transformation model, the COMET model, and an Innovation Award winning former Russell Group university lecturer, academic Programme Director and Research Centre Director.

About our Incubator
100% of our consulting revenue is reinvested in PCRL’s own innovation or collaboration projects, including Connected Vehicle AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics As A Service Ventures. Contact us to find out more.