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We drive the process of corporate strategy (re)development to enable business growth, generate value for the company and its customers, and create competitive advantage.

We help our clients determine what services or products need to be reinvented or developed; what markets to compete in; what business models to develop; how to optimize business processes; how to expand the customer base; how to (re)position the brand in relation to customers; how to make supply and value chains efficient; and how to execute a go-to-market strategy.

In fact, we help with anything in the ‘Plan-Design-Source-Make-Ship-Sell-Service’ chain, including helping clients win strategic funding from public and private sources, and intellectual property.

We work with Pre-Start-Ups, Micro SMEs, SMEs, and Large Enterprises, as well as OEMs and tiered suppliers in multiple sectors including, FMCG, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Medical, Defence, Health & Safety, and Opto-Electronics.

We focus on what’s right for you right now, and execute strategy and fixed term programmes to implement strategic innovation.

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